A book series for creative kids who love Superheroes!

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Book #1 - DRAGON SLAYERS Set for release Mid 2023

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Meet Max, Mikey & Molly

This book series follows three siblings as they explore the power of a mysterious device that gives them the ability to combine themselves with objects and animals to becomes powerful heroes called CRUSADERS. Each book sees the kids use their creative COMBO powers to overcome challenges and defeat the bad guys!

Different Challenges Call For Different Heroes

Every book will have Mikey, Max & Molly facing a different set of challenges that call for interesting heroes with unique super powers.


Written For 3-7 Year Olds

This is a children's book aimed at 3-7 year olds. It's the perfect length to be read in a single session as a bed-time story.

This Is not A Comic Book

People hear superhero and think comic book. Comic books are great, but as a quick bed-time read for young kids, nothing beats a simple, entertaining children's picture book.

Entertainment Focused

Some books try to force lessons. Some books push agendas. That is NOT this series. These books are simply created to be enjoyable and entertaining to read.

Book One:

Dragon Slayers


When Mikey, Molly, and Max go on a camping trip, they never expected to become superheroes! A mysterious and powerful device gives the kids the ability to combine themselves with two ordinary objects to become powerful crusaders. When a dangerous creature appears, the siblings must use their courage and quick-thinking to save the day. From the depths of the forest to the heights of the sky, this trio of siblings will face danger and uncover the secrets of their newfound powers.

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For every book purchased, we will donate a copy to an Australian primary school or library. So not only will your child enjoy the book, but hundreds of other children will also be afforded the opportunity to access it from their local school or library thanks to you!

Every Book Comes With An A3 Poster & Colouring Book!

With every copy of COMBO CRUSADERS purchased online, you will also recieve an A3 poster of our heroes along with a fun activity colouring book as an added bonus.

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Written By Ben Wendel

As a West Australian father to 7 children, Ben has read his fair-share of bedtime stories. With a super-hero obsessed 4 year old, Ben noticed that there were no decent super-hero children’s books available, only comic books, which are difficult and distracting to read to a small child.

The few superhero children’s books he did find had boring heroes and the books were so focused on trying to push a ‘believe-in-yourself’ lesson that the book itself was boring for both himself and his son.

So he went about writing a book he wished he could find for his son. He wanted to create an entertaining story that both kids and adults could enjoy. It had to have memorable heroes that kids would want to be. That means cool costumes with awesome powers!

Illustrated By Elise Baron

The art in this book is not the typical boring ‘kids book’ illustrations. Ben partnered with the amazing Elise Baron because of her unique style that brings the heroes to life in a way that captivates children’s imaginations while leaving adults satisfied with her beautiful work. 


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Book#1 Dragon Slayers

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Book#1 Dragon Slayers

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