Combo Crusader P&C Fundraiser

A Fun & Easy Way To Raise Money For Your School


What Is The Combo Crusader P&C Fundraiser?

COMBO CRUSADERS is keen to combine forces with your local primary school P&C group to quickly and easily raise some funds.

We want to get our book in the hands of young children who love superheroes and there are a bunch of them in your community! We’ve got a simple way for you to offer our book to your students and families and you get a significant kick-back

Zero cost, zero effort and zero risk to your school! We know that the best fundraisers are those that generate funds without having to rally and coordinate dozens of parents. Low effort, high reward!

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Here's How Simple It Is

Register Your Interest

Click the button below and provide details of your school P&C

We Provide Everything

We will be in touch and provide you with printed flyers, facebook post images and text, newsletter text and images and all the other marketing materials you need.

Distribute To Your Students

Simply distribute the flyers to the students and place the marketing in your newsletter and socials. Follow our fundraiser checklist to super-charge your results!

We Handle Ordering Online

Parents will be directed to an easy online order form where we will take payment. We will then pay you a lump-sum kick-back for all sales from your school community.

Books Get Delivered

Your books will be delivered to your school with easy-to-distribute labels to make it quick and painless to give to students.

How Much Does Your School Get?

Did you know book stores add a 40% markup? When we sell our book in book stores we have to give it to them at a discount, so we figure at the very least we could give your P&C group the equivalent discount as a kick-back. Our book retails for $27.99 and includes a colouring /activity book as well as a poster!

For every book sold to your school community, your school P&C will receive $12.

Sell 10 books = $120
Sell 50 books = $600
Sell 100 books = $1200
Sell more… make more!

Easy fundraising for your school! Let’s combine forces, it’s a WIN-WIN

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How does it compare to a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle?


Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Combo Crusaders

P&C To Provide

A team, the food, float and cash box etc.


P&C Costs Incurred

Cost of sausages, buns, sauce, drinks etc. serviettes, knives, eskies, oil, etc.

None, flyers and marketing provided free of charge

People Required

12-24 recommended on shifts + 1 crazy organised leader to coordinate everyone.

1 person can organise everything. Just follow our simple promotion checklist!

Time Required

8 hours hard work on a weekend + countless hours shopping / organising before hand

2-3 hours

Notice Needed

4-6 months in advance

1 month notice


Getting enough volunteers, people being sick on the day, Not selling enough,

Being left with unsold food and drinks.

Affected by the weather

Making sure the school community knows about the fundraiser